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    A dinner table with wings works well in apartments, especially if you enjoy company over. Most of the time you are able to leave the wings down. Get a table with wings that slide under the table, so that it looks prettier in either case. When you get a table with wings that wont fit underneath the table, but fold down, you can throw a table-cloth at the top to pay for them. Chairs without arms work best ones to maintain out whenever you aren't while using entire set, because these slide beneath the table it uses very little.

Apartments in south austin tx

    Home business office? Rather than regular computer and desktop monitor, get a small laptop that you could close-up and tuck away somewhere when you're completed with it. In that case your desk will be clear for other uses, like writing letters to friends, sketching, or doing anything you love.

    Light colors start a space to make it appear to be the room is bigger. Know what paint colors your apartment allows and choose these lightest for optimum openness.

    Need more light? Instead of taking up precious space with a lot of end tables with bulky lamps on top, get a few floor lamps with skinny poles and small bases. Some have flexible necks and multiple heads to be able to direct the sunshine wherever you want.

    Other apartment size furniture choices include bean bags. These come in a plethora of sizes, shapes, colors, and materials, therefore it is going to be simple to find one that fits your apartment style. Plus, they're simple to move, so you can rearrange them around your house if you pine to get a new look. Transferring or from your apartment now is easier too, because you don't have to fight to have it around tight corners and narrow doorways. It molds to the shapes you really need it to.

    You might be tempted to buy little trinkets, figurines etc to fit atop the little spaces you've got inside your apartment; however lots of little accessories can create a space look cluttered. Instead, have fewer, larger decorations.

Apartments in south austin tx

    Where exactly can you place these decorations? You could purchase some floating shelves and place them about the walls out-of-the-way of the other furniture or walking space. Then you have an enjoyable little location to put photos frames, vases, or whatever you like and never have to get yourself a big ole' table or giant bookshelf.